About Us

Youth Enhancement Services (YES) is a charitable organization established in December of 2016 to provide our community youth with the education, training, and professional skills necessary for them to successfully conquer 21st century workforce challenges.

Both anecdotal and empirical research suggests that much of our young workforce lacks work ethic. This fact has resulted in many employers wasting valuable resources recruiting and hiring employees who may "behave themselves" long enough to get through a probation period and then fall back into bad habits like being late for work and missing work altogether.  These behaviors result in employers needing to fire employees and start the hiring process all over again.  This also requires young workers to start the job search process all over again.

YES was created with the purpose of making the workplace goals of our young people attainable. These goals may range from aspirations of getting their first job to pursuing promotions, to creating and operating their own businesses.  Success in the academic and economic arenas requires a strong   work ethic and our inaugural program addresses this dilemma through a work ethic training and certification program.

Help us accomplish our goal of ensuring that every young person in our community has the education, training, and professional skills that they need to effectively compete in a global workforce.

Our Team

Our team members have all lived in the region for well over 20 years and are firmly committed to our mission.

Executive Director:                        Edwin Rivera
Executive Board President:           Jacqueline R. Gipson-Rivera
Executive Board Vice-President:   Todd Deloney
Executive Board Secretary:           Eric Boone
Executive Board Treasurer:           Cheri Jones
Executive Board Member:              Mildred Powers

We welcome volunteers, donors, partners, and sponsors to join us in our battle.


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